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60 - Flagship 1 exercise

The two-day Flagship 1 cybersecurity exercise will take place online from 12 to 13 January 2021. You can participate in the exercise remotely from your own workstation. All you need for the participation is a headset and a workstation with a network connection. You can read about the detailed system and software requirements for the workstation on the event

At the beginning of the exercise, participants are divided into imaginary roles of an organization in which they act throughout the whole exercise. The case scenario of the exercise continues the story told in the online course about the cooperation between the University of Kybereo and the train company CyberRails. In the exercise, the events have progressed to the completion of the digital forensics investigation.

The completion of the investigation has been preceded by a glance as the story has taken on new twists and turns. The security situation appears to be getting out of hand when there are signs of large-scale cyber influence among the parties. In the exercise, the participants are tasked with helping to find out what has happened and who is behind these actions.